Screen Size & Distance

Choose the right screen

How many feet away from a screen are you expecting your viewer to be? Use this guide to choose the right size for a single size display.

For video wall projects, please refer to the guide below 

Font Sizes

Keep your text on point

There's not much point in digital signage if no one can read it, so ensure that your text size is optimized for the distance viewers will see your screen from.


  • Lower initial cost 
  • Lower brightness and color uniformity
  • Higher brightness / color gamut = shorter life
  • All plastic cabinet with limited ventilation
  • Designed for 4-6 hrs of continuous operation
  • Designed for narrow range of temperature environments
  • Susceptible to image retention /Dead pixels (both on and off)
  • Not designed for portrait mode
  • 90 day commercial warranty (1 year consumer) 


  • Higher initial cost
  • Higher brightness for public-space usage
  • Built for 24/7/365 operation
  • Designed for wider range of temperatures
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical orientation and tiling
  • Wide variety of inputs (e.g. Display Ports, HDMI/DVI, YPbPr)
  • Combination plastic / metal housing for reinforced stability
  • Unobtrusive, minimalist design: Small / thin bezels
  • 2 - 4 year premium warranties (On-site, Advance Replacements etc.) 

Commercial vs Consumer Screens